"Personal." That's the term that Brooklyn based jewelry designer, Rania Dabagh, uses to describe her line of hand made, one of a kind, jewels.  

"My goal is to create jewelry that allows women to express themselves. I want them to really OWN and wear their pieces with confidence." 

Rania sources semiprecious stones, beads, and metals from all over the world. Drawing inspiration from her surroundings she creates one of a kind pieces that speak for themselves. 

"The creative process is very special to me. By day, I'm an optometrist who diagnoses and treats patients with the knowledge acquired through years of schooling - a very precise science. However creating my pieces is liberating, it is my "downtime" so to speak. Letting my creativity run wild and not playing by the rules is how each piece of jewelry comes to life. I draw inspiration from every corner of my world. Each piece is designed to make my clients feel inspired themselves. I  can only hope that my passion and energy for life translates into each and every piece of Rania Dabagh jewelry."